1. Durham, CT
  2. Massage
  3. The Naturalist

A massage therapy practice, focused on repetitive motion injury and homeostasis.



Golfers massage

1h US$60.00+ 即可预约


20m US$30.00+ 即可预约

Repetitive Motion Massage

Homeostatic Massage

1h US$60.00+ 即可预约

Body Massage

Swedish Massage

1h US$60.00 即可预约

Deep Tissue Massage

1h 变动价 即可预约

Prenatal Massage

1h 变动价 即可预约

Couples Massage

1h 变动价 即可预约

Chair Massage

10m US$20.00+ 即可预约
20m US$30.00+ 即可预约

Body Therapy

Neuro Muscular Therapy

1h 变动价 即可预约

Inversion Therapy

5m US$20.00 即可预约


  • 您去过那里吗?


  1. Went to Perry for a deep tissue massage. He worked his magic... releasing muscle tension and working at issue areas I wasn't even fully aware of. If you are looking for a massage that will release built up muscular tension- this is where you need to go.

  2. Perry is very knowledgeable about holistic approach and the massage was wonderful and relaxed my tense muscles.

  3. Perry is an excellent masseuse. I have Lyme disease and therefore have chronic neck issues. I always leave rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. The only negative is that twice he has been running late. Once by over 30 minutes. He is worth the wait but it is a little aggravating. Thank you Perry and I’ll be seeing you again.

  4. Perry was excellent! Very thoughtful in his work, and the massage felt amazing - I highly recommend!

  5. Perry is in tune with body mechanics and therefore helped with tense muscles.