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  3. Mob The Barber & Leo The Barber

We are credibly ranked as 2 of Antelope Valleys Best Barbers based on being "Consistent, Efficient, Creative, Cordless & Quick!!!"

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Adults (Ages 13&Up)

Adult Cut & Shave

Adult All Even, Fade, or Taper w/ Line up... and a facial shave and trim...Add $3 to Razor Front Line Up

Adult Fade/Taper

Adult All Even, Fade, Taper and Line Up

Adult Comb Over

Faded and styled... Add A Line Part for $3

Adult Mohawk

Mohawk w/ Line up... Add $3 to Razor Front Line Up

Kids Haircut

Kids Fade or Taper w/ Line up... Add $3 to Razor Front Line Up

Kids Comb Over

Faded and styled... Add A Line Part for $3

Afro/Flat Top

Come Prewashed or $5 Shampoo/Blowdry Charge

Facial Hair Only

Includes Trim & Line Up... Add $3 for Razor Line!

Line Up Only

Add $2 for Razor Line Up On Forehead, Temple & Sideburns

Eye Brow Shape Up

Razor shape your eyebrows to your liking!


Single Part Design

1-3 Lines added into your hair cut!

Small Design

More artistic Part Designs with Dimension

Free Style Design

It adds dimension and creativity to your Haircut!

Undercut & Design

UnderCut and Design of Your Liking!

Specific Logo or Names

Make your design POP with temporary Color added for $20

2 Sided Design

Freestyle Designs Only!!

3 Sided Design

Freestyle Designs Only

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  1. Mob and Leo the Barbers are extremely professional. They are client-centered barbers who aim to provide excellent service. If you are tired of the traditional barber shop experience, tired of waiting forever to receive service, or scheduling an appointment only to still spend half your day waiting. Mob and Leo the Barbers May definitely be your dream come true. All my appointments are on time, I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes and they are amazing barbers. I’ve looked for many years searching for the right barber, and I’m more than satisfied with the service they provide.

  2. Fresh cut in 20 mins every time 🔥🔥

  3. I’ll definitely be going back and letting my friends know how nice and private the spot is .

  4. Great service fast friendly clean environment

  5. Good cut great service

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