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New Clients (That Book after February 11th 2018)

(New Client) Adults Haircut 18+

35m $40.00+ Reservá ahora

Women/Men Basic 18 & older

Women/Men Haircut Basic +Razor

30m $30.00+ Reservá ahora

Men Basic Haircut/Facial Trim +Razor

30m $35.00+ Reservá ahora

Women/Men Special Style

Women/Men Advanced

MOHAWK-Afro-BoxFades- Juice fades

45m $40.00+ Reservá ahora


Teenager Cut 13-17

Box fades ... Mohawk’s..... Gumby

30m $25.00+ Reservá ahora

Teenager Special Cuts 13-17

Mohawk, Afro shape, Boxfade, Juice fade

35m $30.00+ Reservá ahora

Kids Basic 6-12

Basic haircut price only (starter Mohawk) boxfades- Afro shape-up Extra

30m $20.00+ Reservá ahora


Line-up NO TAPER

Taper not included

15m $15.00+ Reservá ahora

Nuestro trabajo


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  1. Don’t sleep on Huntdabarber

  2. Really cool dude one of the best barbers around

  3. On time, precise techniques, great cut

  4. Hunt did a exceptional job on my fade. Used a comb on this time and it came out just right. Visit him!

  5. So first Off Hunt the Barber made ya boy feel welcomed ya know and it’s a positive atmosphere dudes funny bruh Plus the manee da truth with them clippers Best believe I will touch down in dat thang again

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