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Full set

1h $25.00+ Book now

Acrylic soak off only (-$5 w/ New Set)

20m $10.00 Book now

Full set with Gel Polish

1h $40.00+ Book now

Fill in

45m $15.00+ Book now

Fill in with Gel Polish

45m $30.00+ Book now

White tips full set (French)

45m $30.00+ Book now

Manicure and Pedicures


40m $25.00+ Book now

Mani and Pedi (regular polish only)

1h 30m $35.00+ Book now

Pedi with Gel Polish

1h $40.00+ Book now

Spa pedicure

40m $35.00+ Book now

Spa Pedi with Gel Polish

1h $50.00+ Book now


30m $15.00+ Book now

Manicure with Gel Polish

40m $30.00+ Book now



15m $8.00 Book now


15m $5.00+ Book now

Upper lip

5m $5.00 Book now

Bottom lip

5m $5.00 Book now

Dip Powder

Dip set

1h $40.00+ Book now

French Dip Set

1h $50.00+ Book now

Color Powder

Pink n White fill (2 tone)

1h $40.00 Book now

Pink fill (1 tone)

40m $25.00+ Book now

Full Set Pink n White (2 tone)

1h 30m $50.00+ Book now

Full Set (1 tone)

45m $40.00+ Book now

Polish Only

French Gel Polish

30m $25.00+ Book now

Gel polish

30m $20.00+ Book now

Regular polish on fingers

15m $8.00+ Book now

Regular polish on Toes

15m $10.00+ Book now

Extra (Must add to service)

Special shaping ( coffin, stiletto, etc.. )

5m $5.00 Book now

2 Nail art. (Includes textured glitter)

20m $5.00 Book now

10 rhinestones

20m $3.00+ Book now

Bling nail (1 nail)

20m $8.00 Book now

Hologram or chromes (All 10)

10m $10.00 Book now

Nail art (All 10)

30m $13.00+ Book now

Textured glitter (All10)

15m $10.00+ Book now

Eyelashes Extensions

Full Volume Set

2h $165.00 Book now

Classic lashes (limited time only)

2h $80.00 Book now

Volume Fill (2 weeks)

2h $55.00 Book now

Full classic set

2h $125.00 Book now

Classic fill (2 weeks)

2h $40.00 Book now

Special Occasion Styles.

Get your hair curled for a special day or night out. Does not include cuts or color.

40m $40.00 Book now


Get the perfect look for your big day. Does not include cut or color.

1h 15m $50.00+ Book now

Make-up Application

1h $50.00+ Book now

Up-do and Makeup

2h $90.00+ Book now

Eyelash Strip Application

10m $5.00 Book now

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  1. Great job done by Jimmy. Staff is always very friendly and courteous. Shop is clean. Would recommend.

  2. Great people & exceptional work! I will not go anywhere else.

  3. I loved my first experience at Kim's....we got off to a late start, but Lita and Sarah were both really friendly. Lita did my nails and I was soooooo happy. Super talented and professional. My nails are beautiful and I can't wait to go back.

  4. I love going in to this shop. They are always friendly and do an amazing job. I get the Dip powder and it is the best. Kim’s has a great selection of Dip powder colors.

  5. Only place in Indiana I will go! Very clean and professional. Wide variety of services and colors. Finally found a way to grow my natural nails with the dip powder! Every nail tech in here is phenomenal!

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