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We offer top of the line service in men's grooming. Many of our staff have 10 plus years of experience.

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Mens Haircut

A quailty haircut

45m $25.00 Book now

Haircut with Beard includes hot towel

Haircut with full beard line up or face shave with hot towel

55m $28.00 Book now

Kids haircut (ages 6-12 must be able to sit still)

35m $23.00 Book now

Haircut and steam shave

Full haircut with hot towel and steam machine shave and skin treatment

1h 5m $38.00 Book now

Beard and shave

Trim, line up, or shave with hot towel

30m $20.00 Book now

Mens haircut/ black mask

Quality haircut. Black mask peel off to remove black heads, white heads, and dirt following with a skin treatment mini facial

1h $40.00 Book now

Mens haircut/beard/steam/blackmask

Quality haircut with shape, trim, or shave beard with hot towel and steam machine. Black mask peel off to remove black head, white heads, and dirt following with a skin treatment mini facial

1h 10m $50.00 Book now

Early cuts 50.00+

Haircuts before opening hours starts @50:00+

45m $50.00 Book now

After hour cuts 50.00+

Haircuts after closing time starts @50.00+

55m $50.00 Book now

Black mask facial

30m $20.00 Book now

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  1. Never had a bad cut

  2. All the guys are super skilled in their work. They take their time and it shows.

  3. Had a black mask done by lui and it was an amazing experience. If you haven't had it done it's great to do at least once a month. Felt amazing

  4. I’ve been going here for two years, and I’ve had just about every barber at the shop at one time or another cut my hair. I’ve never gotten a bad cut- these guys are amazing. If you’re in the Salem area and looking for a great barbershop, look no further. Oh and making appointments is super easy to book right through the app.

  5. Excellent service very professional people are always respectful and tentative even if you dont have an appointment definitely would recommend this to anyone

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