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The Quarterdeck is a classic barbershop and Salon providing tonsorial and cosmetology services. Our licensed barbers provides men’s haircuts, hot towel straight razor face shaves, flat tops, pompadours & skin fades etc. Our licensed cosmetologist provides women’s cuts, perms, colors, and eyebrow & shampoo services. Walk-Ins are available | Men \ Women \ & Children *All haircuts are repeated back to the customers, cut while in full view of the customer, and communicated to the customer on service requested by the Barber / Stylist before starting any cut*

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Barber Service

Men's / Kids General Haircut

General haircuts, included buzz cuts, clipper over comb, Flat Tops, Dapper cuts w/hard parts, any cut using a guard etc. - Hard parts, back of neck shave included! (Beard Trims can be done with this service, beard trims are an additional $5) Time: 30 mins

30m $15.00 Book now


Any hair cut where a (0) and below is used, i.e. skin, bald, taper, shadow, normal fades! Time:30 mins. (Beard Trims can be done with this service, beard trims are an additional $5)

30m $20.00 Book now

Family ( 2 people )

Men's and Kid's General haircut, scheduled for (2) people. Duration 1hr.

1h $30.00 Book now

Family ( 3 people )

Men's and Kid's General haircut. For 3 people, duration 1hr & 30 minutes.

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

Head Shave (Razor)

Head shave with lather, hot towel, and razor.

1h $25.00 Book now

Specialty haircuts ( Design )

Specialty haircuts i.e. Designs, shape-ups, Juice, included 00000- Triple-O fades with line-ups etc. (Price may vary depending on Design work). PLEASE READ!!! - This service is not for Beard Trims, General Fades, or Hard parts etc!!!! If you book this for that you will be charged $25 regardless of the haircut that is done!!

1h $25.00 Book now

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  1. The best !

  2. Sailor J does a great job!

  3. Joel just isn’t a barber. He’s a artist. Spends 30 minutes making sure everything is perfect and your satisfied.

  4. December 12 I went in as a walk in and asked for a simple 4 on the sides, back, and a trim on top. The barber had messed up my hairline on the back and did not tell me. I contacted the owner and he said he would fix it and give me a free haircut. January 7 I went back in for the free haircut and once again the hairline on my back is messed up again. The only reason I went here is because my usual barber is out for personal reasons. I will not go back here again and will not recommend anyone else to this place.


    Humm the one on the right is a 4 guard, nothing else, and it did not look like that when you left. Seems your neckline grows in whats called a triple v neckline because a 4 guard will not do that to your neck, we can verify this by looking in Milady's Standards of Professional Barbering to show examples, its where the hair is thin inside the natural indentions of the nape. Not sure what your other barber does, but the only way to correct that is to put a high block on the back which is not a natural look. But since this was not seen while sitting in my chair as the 8-foot rule was observed we are curious as well. But this is not the first 1 star we have gotten nor will it be the last, we have learned long ago that there are some folks that can't be satisfied and we just blow it off and move on. However, we will still be a successful shop and will continue to grow. With 150+ 5 star reviews to a few 1 stars, we must be doing something right! But thanks for giving us a try and good luck in any future endeavors. Proudly The Owner

  5. A+ as always. Rocked it for both me and my son

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