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G Mane Studio in Raleigh, NC provides the best selection on Express Hair Skin & Nail services

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Premium Hair Cut/Groupon

Opt1or 2 : Groupon Promo Shampoo+Condition+Basic Style plus

1h $46.00 Book now

Demi Color

Includes shampoo condition & blow+style

1h $65.00 Book now

Express Hair Cut

Dry Cut No shampoo

15m $25.00 Book now

Custom Cut

Includes S+C+Blow+Style

1h $65.00 Book now

Permanent Hair Color

Includes S+C+Style &Olaplex

1h 40m $99.00 Book now


Includes S+C+Style

1h $85.00 Book now

Olaplex Treatment

Includes S+C+Style

1h $65.00 Book now


Includes S+C+Style & Ola treat

1h $75.00 Book now

Brazilian Blow Out

Includes S+ C+Style

1h 30m $375.00 Book now

Design Essentials STS

Includes S+C+Style

2h $225.00 Book now

Box Braids

Sunday/Monday only invludes S+C+S

6h $225.00 Book now

Crochet Braids

Includes S+C+S

2h $185.00 Book now

Blow Out

Includes S+C+Blow+S

1h $65.00 Book now

Natural Hair -S+C+S

Option of Roller Set/Marcel/Flexi/Blow

1h $46.00 Book now

LOC Care

Includes S+C+Set with Hood Dry Oil Sheen

1h $160.00 Book now


Invludes S+C+S

1h $75.00 Book now

Eyebrow Honey Wax

1h $25.00 Book now

Express Facial

Facial Assess +Care

20m $46.00 Book now

Make Up

Bring your own foundation+concealer+lipstick/gloss Instruction tips

1h $46.00 Book now

Nails-Acrylic Tips

1h $25.00 Book now

Nails-Gel Tips

1h $45.00 Book now

Nail Polish

20m $10.00 Book now

Gel Manicure/(Groupon)dry no water

Opt 1 or2 :Groupon Promo Includes dry mani cleanse prep base gel color & top plus LED

20m $30.00 Book now


Includes S+C+Trim+Style+Ola Treat

1h $99.00 Book now

Sew in

Includes S+C+S

2h $225.00 Book now

Gel Polish

20m $20.00 Book now

Gel polish removal

10m $10.00 Book now

Acrylic fill

1h $25.00 Book now

Roller Set

1h $25.00 Book now

American Blow Out

S+C+S Roller set hood blow flat iron✂️

1h 40m $46.00 Book now

Updo w/Extentions

2h 30m $100.00 Book now


45m $36.00 Book now

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  1. The nail tech was very nice. However I was expecting a manicure not a "dry" manicure. No water,no cuticle treatment, and no buffing (just scraping of nails with nail file). I was very dissatisfied with the application of the gel polish. It was bulky and the dryer did not dry my nails. Requested the polish to be taken off and the nail tech was not knowledgeable of how to remove the gel. Initially used nail polish remover, then began to drill down my nail and finally I suggested acetone with aluminum foil wrapping. My fingers were very sore when I left. I would not recommend the gel manicure. Picture below is after manicure and polish removal.

  2. I wish there had been reviews when I was buying the groupon for Tangelica's, just so I'd know what to expect. Pros: - great reservation system, she is also flexible and takes walk ins - she's fun to talk to! Comfortable atmosphere. - I respect the artist a lot, she's a hard worker. Deltas: - difficult to find; the address doesn't sync with Google maps or Apple Maps apps. - my first gel didn't go well - all my nails but 1 peeled off within 3 days. I told her and there was no compensation or offer to fix them. I did return and was way more attentive to how the polish was setting and would have her buff out polish that sinks into the cuticles, and then they would last about 2 weeks. This just means you have to be just as attentive as the nail artist to make corrections. - It's not a luxury salon - which is fine, as long as you don't expect that. The chairs are wobbly, tables are messy and there's not much room to place your hands when you get a manicure. - The 30$ gel nail doesn't come with a hand massage or lotion at all. Personally that seemed overpriced but with the Groupon I think I got my money's worth (except for the first time I went and the nails peeled).

  3. Perfect!

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