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A massage therapy practice, focused on repetitive motion injury and homeostasis.

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Golfers massage

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20m $30.00+ Book now

Repetitive Motion Massage

Homeostatic Massage

1h $60.00+ Book now

Body Massage

Swedish Massage

1h $60.00 Book now

Deep Tissue Massage

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Prenatal Massage

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Couples Massage

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Chair Massage

10m $20.00+ Book now
20m $30.00+ Book now

Body Therapy

Neuro Muscular Therapy

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Inversion Therapy

5m $20.00 Book now

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  1. Great atmosphere and massage. I highly reccomend going.

  2. I would return.

  3. My husband got me the prenatal massages for mothers day and Perry was terrific. Always checking in with me to be sure I was comfortable and giving great advice and insight into this crazy time.

  4. I booked an appointment at the recommendation of a good friend. I found Perry to be a wonderful and intuitive person. I will be back. I left feeling very relaxed.

  5. This was a gift from my daughter for mother's day. I have to say this was a massage from out of this world. Mr. R. Booksy was very professional, it was a very relaxing atmosphere, I was not intimidated at all but was very pleased and comfortable at this site. I was very impressed with the information that he was able to tell me. I have already told a lot of my friends about how this experience was for me. I will be returning for another massage. By the way this was my first professional massage. I Loved every bit of it.

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