We are a busy modern shop ,basing our cuts alot around the latest stlyles of hair fashion. We are a team of 4 highly experienced barbers that will make sure you leave zenos feeling fresh! Please note we do walk in on availability at a cheaper price, whilst taking appointments 7 days a week We also offer late night appointments on thursday evenings!last appointment being 8 o'clock! offering all professional barbering service aswell as other male grooming treatments!

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Other services

Cut, Style & shave/Beard Trim

Cut and style followed by a beard trim shape up and shave

40m £20.00+ Book now

Cut & Style

Cut/shape up,blowdry and style

30m £18.00+ Book now

Hot towel head shave/face with steamer

Hot towel shave and head shave! Closest shave u can have! We use all of our clubman pinaud range Of shaving gels,lathers and oils! Along with our hot towels!

1h £30.00 Book now

Hot towel wet shave and steamer

hot towel wet shave Full on shaving experience including oils and cooling mask to close the pores after your shave Please make sure u have at least 2 days growth on stubble

30m £17.00 Book now

Hot towel head shave with steamer

Clean head shave with the hot towels followed by the cutthroat razor

30m £14.00 Book now

Skin fade(only)

Razor blade fade

25m £15.00 Book now

Head shave

One level all over

15m £10.00+ Book now

15/16 year old haircut

Cut, blowdry and style for 15/16 year olds

25m £14.00+ Book now

Children under 14 and kids

Cut and blowdry and style

20m £12.00+ Book now

Toddlers(5 years and under)

Cut or trim for children 5 and under

15m £10.00 Book now


Over 65 cuts

20m £10.00 Book now

Sides and back

Fade and neck shave

20m £10.00+ Book now

Shape up

Clean up on hairlines,edges and beard

15m £10.00 Book now

Beard trims

Beard trims include trimming and shape up Longer beards include trimming and grooming,e.g(oiling,waxing,conditioning)

15m varies Book now


Patterns tramlines and graff colours

30m varies Book now

Additional extras

shampoo and condition

Hairwash and conditioning hair

5m £4.00 Book now

Blackhead mask and steamerSUNDAY TO WEDNESDAY ONLY

A blackhead removal mask that is applied to dry on face and peel off, taking away all those unwanted blackheads finishing with a moisterise and face massage.

30m £14.00 Book now

Face steamer/exfoliate scrub and moisturiser

Hot face steam to clean your pores and remove unwanted blackheads

20m £12.00 Book now

Hair thickening powder service

Our new range of hair thickening powders, for that quick fix on a special occassion!

5m £4.00 Book now

Beard Dye with Beard Shape/Trim(skin test required

Beard dye using our range of Refectocil Dyes, many different shades of colour to get the right match. Service includes beard shape or trim afterwards too.

25m £15.00 Book now

Beard Dye Only(skin test required)

Beard dye using our range of Refectocil Dyes, many different shades of colour to get the rigt match.

15m £12.00 Book now
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Womens wash and blowdry SUNDAY AND MONDAY ONLY

Wash and blowdry including conditioner

40m £25.00+ Book now

Womens wash and cut SUNDAY AND MONDAY ONLY

Womens wash and cut, only on sunday and Monday

40m £30.00+ Book now

Womens wash cut and blowdry SUNDAY and MONDAY only

Wash cut and blowdry including conditioner

1h £45.00+ Book now

Nanokeratin hair treatment

Nanokeratin hair treatment only

2h £150.00+ Book now


Eyebrow tint wax and shape (skin test required)

Eyebrow wax,removing unwanted hair Followed by shaping with tweezers and moisteriser. Good if you like your eyebrows looking neat and clean. Tint availabke if you like them looking thicker!

15m £9.00 Book now

Eyebrow wax (shape if wanted)

Waxing off unwanted hair from your eyebrows!

5m £4.00 Book now

Facial wax

A warm wax mask applied to the face and peeled off to remove any unwanted facial hair including eyebrows and ears

15m £8.00 Book now

Ears and nose wax

Waxing those unwanted hairs in your ears and nostrils

5m £3.00 Book now

Colouring and Relaxing


Price on quatation Time is vairable on request

1h varies Book now

Men's all over tint (skin test required)

Service consists of a consultation with our colourist Ryan. Followed by an all over colour and hair wash. Service is perfect for guys looking to cover there greys. Haircut not included but optional to book aswell

1h £30.00 Book now

Mens highlights/lowlights

Service included a consultation with our colourist Ryan. Followed by either highlights or lowlights and hair wash. Haircut not included but optional to book aswell

1h £25.00+ Book now

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  1. The best pure and simple!

  2. Really good beard trim by Zenos at a very reasonable price.

  3. Love how Max cuts my little mans hair

  4. .

  5. Max has yet again done a perfect job on my sons hair, all staff are great

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