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So you want a business management system that keeps you organized and on top of your day, but don’t want to let your clients book?

No problem.

Worry-free booking: Using an appointment management system without client bookings


It is possible to get the benefits of an online booking system without letting a single client book themselves. Booksy is so much more than just a calendar. It has the tools you need to support your work… and you can take advantage of nearly every feature Booksy has to offer.

Here, we’ll show you how to turn off client-booking functionalities and make the most of our service for truly worry-free booking.

Benefits of Booksy- even without client booking

Reduce no-shows and booking confusion with automatic appointment notifications and reminders:

Clients get booking confirmations, alerts if you cancel/reschedule, and appointment reminders- all automatically. You just need make sure you have the client’s email address and phone number in your client database.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention with advanced client features:

worry-free booking: message system for beauty clients

Your Booksy client database has detailed profiles for each client that keep track of things like booking history and transactions. It also lets you save useful client information- contact details, birthday, special client/service notes… even photos of their results. Plus, client info is linked with our message blast system. This means you can that you send customizable messages to certain types of clients without having to search through your contacts. You can also set up automatic message campaigns to run as often as you want.

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Save time and effort with appointments that can be customized, saved and repeated for individual clients:

worry-free booking: advanced client profiles for beauty businesses

When you create a service, you assign an average amount of time it takes (e.g. haircut = 30 minutes). However, you can totally modify times for individual appointments. Once you have the perfect setup for a particular client, you can also make this a recurring appointment. This is a great way to save time scheduling appointments and turn clients into regulars. If clients don’t visit regularly, you can still go to their booking history and click “redo appointment” to recreate that exact service (with modifications).

Keep the business end organized so you can focus on service:

worry-free booking: statistics and reports for beauty businesses

Generate and maintain checkout receipts, sales and commission reports, cash register balances and product inventory. Even if you don’t let clients book, you can keep track of your finances and inventory by turning on Booksy Payments.

How to turn off client booking

Situation one: I want my profile to be completely private, and only use the internal features

In your Booksy account, go to Business Profile > Company info. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see “Make my profile public”- just turn that off.

worry-free booking: private accounts for beauty businesses

That’s it! You have access to all of Booksy’s features, but no one can see your profile or book appointments online.

Situation two: I want my profile visible, but I don’t want clients to be able to book.

While filling out your profile, go to Company Info (under Business Profile), write that you don’t take appointments online, and let them know how they can book with you. Then go to each staff member profile in your account (Business Profile > Staff Members). Click on “Edit Profile” and at the top it will say “Available for booking on client app”. Turn this off for each individual member.

worry-free booking: booking controls for beauty businesses

Now all services are “unavailable” for online booking. However, you have full access to your calendar and your clients can still find your info and know how they can book with you. Note: DO put your/the shop’s availability in Business Profile > Opening hours. This just displays your business hours on your profile.

You always have control:

You can always create and modify settings to suit your business’s needs. If you’re looking to looking to open up client-booking, there are plenty of ways to get exactly what you want.

In the next article, we’ll discuss how you can carefully transition to client booking.

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