The Time is Right: October Promotion Ideas

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The Best October Promotion Ideas

Autumn is officially here and you know what that means! Cooler temperatures, changing colors, too many references to anything “pumpkin spice”. Meanwhile, as the leaves are dropping, it might be the perfect time to drop prices on select services and products. Here are some great ideas for the finest month of fall.

5th – International Teachers’ Day

October promotion ideas: Teachers' Day

Teachers like to look good too! But with everything they do in and out of the classroom, there is little time to take care of themselves. Along with flowers, candy, and ‘#1 Teacher’ mugs, most teachers would love a little extra TLC. So become the real teacher’s pet and offer discounted services for all educators!

10th – World Mental Health Day  October promotion ideas: World Mental Health Day

Everyone needs a day to look after themselves and, as a health & beauty provider, you can make a huge difference in how someone feels. So encourage them to spend their mental health day with you! It might be a good time to throw in a extra feel-good service for free. What a beautiful way to make an impact.

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18th – National No Beard Day (US)

October promotion ideas: no beard day

Here’s a day with LOTS of possibilities. Perhaps you’d like to offer a discount for customers who want a clean shave (and get what earnings you can before Movember!). Perhaps it would be more fun to offer a contradictory promotion and offer a discount to people who want to show off their beard. Or, maybe you could make a battle of the beards where people vote for their choice of facial hair (through tipping, of course). The choice is yours, but the result is bound to be fun regardless!

31st – Halloween

October promotion ideas: Halloween

Hair. Makeup. Nails. Heck, even tattoos. Halloween is a great time for some dramatic transformations. Want to get more bookings AND visibility? Offer discounts to clients in costume…. and post the results on your social media channels. Don’t forget to have a bit of fun in the shop with some theme music, decorations, special treats… and perhaps a costume of your own!
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