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Los Angeles has long been a city of beauty; from across the globe, people stream in, all chasing a dream that exists uniquely in California.  For us at Booksy, we know the Los Angeles beauty industry is not to be overlooked, and that’s why we chose the city to host Booksy’s event. On September 24th, 2017, Eric Pacinos, Angela Nguyen, and Christy Clips delivered demonstrations and talks about relevant industry topics, and took questions from the audience in a display that both entertained and informed.

Angela Nguyen

Angela began with a slick cut and design, while not only explaining her technique but fielding audience questions as well.

Christy Clips

Next, Christy gave a demonstration of a phenomenal beard fade, taking a volunteer from the audience to get their beard cut.

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Eric Pacinos

To close the evening, Pacinos gave an extensive talk about his history, starting with his entry into the industry, and ending with how he built his brand. He then took audience questions for an astounding 45 minutes, never tiring. Afterward, everyone had time to move around the room and network, undoubtedly making connections that will improve their standings in the industry. A smattering of other famous barbers, including a few barbers from DTLA Cuts, were in attendance. Event took place at the Hyatt Regency: Los Angeles International Airport.

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